More about me?

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied film theory and production. I love learning new languages – after English and German, I started with a bit of Korean (this is my name: 플로렌치아). Besides, I enjoy reading, knitting, watching TV series  (The Good Wife, The Good Fight, The Wire, Sherlock, Luther, Friends, Bron/Broen…), reality TV shows, and photography. Hatha yoga for life. Recently became a fan of meditation (Buddhify app) and traditional Chinese medicine (it cured my painful bruxism! the Qi is real).

We are inclined to view our own behavior as normal rather than as ‘cultural’, culture is an abstraction we reserve for describing the (sometimes strange) behavior of others” (Wolcott, 2010, p. 95)

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My favorite academic books:

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